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Press Release - The Unknown Women

The idea for this pyramid came on the 7th November 2020, inspired by the honouring of the unknown soldier. The trauma of those written out of history gave birth to the creation of The Unknown Women.

This pyramid is on loan to the borough of Tower Hamlets CRT for at least a year. In the aftermath of Brexit, with banks and corporations leaving Canary Wharf, this pyramid will help to illuminate the Docklands as a site of transition in a post-colonial world where the Enslaver Robert Milligan's statue, once stood.

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We are honouring mothers, women and girls, past and present, traumatised through war, colonialism, enslavement and patriarchal oppression.

We are also honouring the benevolent, past and present, who want to heal.

Goddess of the East.jpg
Goddess of the West.jpg

Initial Concept & Build by @infinitelovesymbols,


Goddess of the North, East and West by  @morganico_com,

Goddess of the South by @mariainpaint & mushrooms by @herstorylondon.

Performance by @yuliya_V_Krylova ( Butoh, red dress )


Performance by @taeatehateh @atehtae ( bells bunny )

@ Museum of London Docklands, No1 Warehouse, West India Quay, London E14 4AL.


Thanks to Banksy & Sadiq Khan.


Also a big thanks to our friend in Brixton @afro3dprinter for the excellent help on the #3Dprinting of the Infinite Love Earth Mother symbol (-;

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