The Unknown Women 

On 30th December 2020, a group of 4 friends, without permission, glued a monument on the plinth formerly occupied by the enslaver Robert Milligan. We honoured the Unknown Women, Girls and Mothers, past and present, traumatised through war, colonialism, enslavement and patriarchal oppression.

Our hope is to make people aware of the traumas they have inherited and for us all to appreciate that we do not have to be defined by our traumas. Women worldwide were the traditional spiritual leaders in our communities. Women's experience of pregnancy gives them a much deeper appreciation of life. We honour women to encourage them to reclaim their roles as leaders to make our world a more loving and harmonious place. 

This was a collaboration between 4 artists. Each side of the Pyramid represents a Goddess, Goddess of the North, Goddess of the South, Goddess of the East, Goddess of the West.

​On the apex of the Pyramid is an Infinite Loves Earth Mother symbol. Dedicated to supporting initiatives to support our Mothers and Mother Earth.

Click on a picture to read about each Goddess and the artists.

Goddess of the North.jpg
Goddess of the East.jpg
Goddess of the West.jpg