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 Our Mission

Our mission is to evolve with love. Through art, we engage communities and use love to reconcile their traumas of the past and present. Each Pyramid of Love is themed on social issues, Women, Children, Animals, Nature, Human Rights...

Pyramids of Love to the Unknown Women is currently our primary focus. The consequences of centuries of unresolved patriarchal oppression have affected our daily lives today. The increase of domestic violence all over the world during the lockdown is just one example.

By honouring those silenced and erased through patriarchal oppression and abusive systems, we aim to give visibility, recognition and celebration to these women. These women may be individuals, sometimes ‘famous’ figures, sometimes mythical figures. But all of them represent the divine feminine, the collective goddess energy that weaves itself through every woman of the world, and indeed the entire human collective, female and male. 

Thanks to the growing BLM movements, there are more and more empty plinths around the world where symbols of patriarchal oppression once stood. We aim to build Pyramids of Love on as many of these vacated plinths as possible, building monuments with a solid foundation of love. We would like to create Pyramids with local communities around the UK and the world. We are open to collaborations, adventures, creative ways for healing, community building and connecting.

We want to hear from you! 

Our first portable Pyramid of Love is dedicated to the Unknown Children past and present, who have been traumatised through abusive systems, under the guise of benevolence. Children are often left to evolve with unreconciled trauma. The true impact resonates through generations, for the perpetrators too. 

We have started a journey to help to create a wonderful world, where we can honour ourselves and each other by choosing to evolve with love.

Warm regards, Pyramids of Love Team.

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