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 The Goddess of the West 

Goddess of the West.jpg

Written by: Kwame @InfiniteLoveSymbols -


Artist: Morgan @morganico_com

The Indigenous Peoples of Turtle Island (the Americas) have had a place in my heart from an early age. I grew up watching cowboys slaughtering Indians because they were labelled as savages. The relentless dehumanisation shone a light onto myself and the demonisation of my African ancestors, who were enslaved throughout Turtle Island.

Reading about Indigenous Turtle Island traditions in a time where there were only a few books on African traditions, help me to learn about my traditions. I am honoured to have had the opportunity to thank the Indigenous Peoples and Ancestors of Turtle Island by creating this monument and choosing Sabina Orellana Cruz to be on the West face of the Pyramid.

Sabina Orellana Cruz is a living legend who has dedicated her life to Indigenous women, children and men. She is the minister of Decolonisation and Depatriarchalisaton in Bolivia. She leads from her heart with love. It is fitting for the plinth formally occupied by the Enslaver Robert Milligan, to be now graced with the beautiful essence of Sabina Orellana Cruz 🙏🏿💖

I give a special thanks to @morganico, who painted the picture of Sabina Orellana Cruz and significantly enhanced the vision of this project.

I would also like to thank the Bolivia Solidarity Campaign who have connected with us.

Thank you, Sabina; all of our ancestors, and people who choose to evol​ve with love.


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Goddess of the West.jpg
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