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Welcome to the Pyramids of Love
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We create Pyramids to raise awareness of social and environmental issues. We help people to reconcile with traumas, including inherited traumas that mutate and evolve over generations.

When we talk about healing, we generally overlook the trauma of the people who inflicted abuse. In reality, these people have compromised their ability to love, respect or feel compassion for another. This is a traumatic state being, which can be inherited or passed on to descendants.

We build permanent pyramids, temporary pyramids and portable pyramids.  

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We have made 3 Pyramids to date, with your support we hope to make many more. We have taken the portable Pyramid on tours, engaging communities in a process of healing and change.

Each Pyramid has a different theme. Our next Pyramid will be dedicated to animals.

Click a link below to explore our pyramid adventures.

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